Cuba will use renewable energy in curing tobacco

For the first time in history, Cuba will use renewable energy in the controlled cure of blond tobacco and will minimize the use of fossil fuels, according to sources confirmed by BrasCuba.

One of the factories, located in Pinar del Rio, the best area for growing tobacco in Cuba, installs cameras that will work with alternative sources of the locality, according to the Cuban news agency.

Basically rice husk and sawdust will be used, and only diesel will be used exceptionally, said a representative of the Brazilian company, sponsor of the program that will allow the delivery of quality raw material to the cigarette factory in the Mariel development area.

According to the expert, the biggest limitation in the production of Virginia tobacco in Cuba is the amount of diesel consumed per kilogram of production, and the high price of diesel. For every kilogram of dry tobacco produced, between 0.7 and one liter or more of diesel is consumed.

Equipped with high technology, the first of the 20 cameras will go into operation in February to expand the curing capacity of the production structure that reports yields of up to 1.8 tons per hectare in the tobacco fields.

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