Who are we?

We are an interdisciplinary group of high qualified professionals specialising in accountancy, tax, and global business services. We are independent-minded professionals eager to serve economic and social development, locally and globally.

How are we organized?

We are organized as a global network: people centric, participative, transparent and multidisciplinary with expertise backed by experience.

Whom do we serve?

We serve the business community as a whole: small and medium enterprises,  public or private sector entities and individuals.

For which benefits?

As consultants and accountants, we foster state of the art accountability, efficient and agile structures and organizations, enhanced performance and creation of long-term value.

How do we differentiate ourselves?

We don't know boundaries. We provide innovative, tailored and global solutions to our clients. Focusing on tailor-made solutions according the requeriments of our clients we provide you with a unique set of skills to help you to achieve your business dreams by combining expertise, innovative and creative thinking and a flexible cost effective approach.

How do we render?

Combining the most advanced consulting and advisory techniques with our capacity to co-construct and think « out of the box » and with intrinsic sense of personal responsibility and responsiveness.

What are our fundamentals?

• Entrepreneurship and team spirit

• Long-term vision and flexibility

• Enthusiasm and robustness

What is our driving force?

Passion to build and pass the baton to the future generations.

What we believe in?

A multipolar world prospering from diversity (cultural, intellectual, professional…).

What do we like?

• Innovation rather than pre-established models.

• Openness rather than the beaten track.

Mr. Rodolfo Lopez

Mr. Rodolfo Lopez is founder and CEO of BuroProffesional. He is lawyer and has a long experience as business legal advisor. a law degree and has almost 20 years as His expertise comprises advisory for market entry in Cuba, business consulting, contract management and advisory for investment projects and taxation. 

Mrs. Mariela Cepero Chong

Mrs. Mariela Cepero is co-founder of BuroProffesional and its senior manager. She is expert in taxation and accounting.

Mrs. Yissel Piloto

Mrs. Yissel Piloto is accountant and accounting leader in BuroProffesional. 

Rodolfo Lopez Jr.

Mr. Rodolfo Lopez Jr. is business and management assistant. Also he takes over the online marketing, promotion and campaigns.