Incorporation Agreement

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BuroProffesional Legal Forms offers incorporation packages providing you with all the forms you need to incorporate, step-by-step instructions, by-laws, minutes, resolutions and more. You can download them FREE!

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Forming a corporation should be a thrilling process, not a daunting one. Use an Articles of Incorporation Worksheet to organize all the basic information you'll need to form your company. By laying out all the details of the future corporation, you'll get a better idea of your rights and responsibilities. The sooner you plan how to run your corporation, the sooner you can open for business.

Expat Tax Service

Expatriate Tax services

Trade globalisation is setting a new trend for international companies. However, international firms have to map out a well-considered cross-border employment policy. For international mobility of employment, expatriation must be prepared in a careful manner, sufficiently in advance, and complying with risk management regulations.

If you are a foreign national living or investing in the United States, you are required to file tax returns in Cuba. We can help you with that.

We are experts in expat taxes and provide all types of expat tax services.

From deductions and exemptions that are not found on typical returns, to additional reporting requirements, we have you covered. Our expat tax team works with each client to ensure compliance, minimize tax liability and maximize refunds.

We work with a wide range of clients, from foreign employees, contractors and business owners abroad, to part-time residents and non-residents who invest in Cuba.

Our extensive service package offers:

› Consultancy on salary split arrangements, special expatriate planning - meeting the needs of your business while being cost-efficient,
› Consultancy on social security coverage during an assignment or cross-border commuter situation, including the application for a certificate of coverage,
› Consultancy on foreign pension schemes and (international) stock option schemes,
› Preparation of personal income tax returns,
› Consultancy on residence applications and work permits,
› International payroll services.
It is essential for the employer and employee to come up with the most appropriate solution for local regulation while taking into account the employee’s personal profile.